[me2day] SHINee Supports Super Junior’s Mr Simple

[SHINee] 빛나는 SHINee가 Mr.SuperJunior 선배님을 응원하기위해 이렇게 모였습니다!!! 저희는 요즘 일본 활동을 위해 열심히 촬영중이라 이렇게 인사드려요~^^ 함께 들어요~ 그리고 응원해요! Mr.Simple 파이팅☆

[SHINee] Shining SHINee gathered like this to cheer for Mr. Super Junior sunbaenims!!! We greet you like this because we are filming hard for our Japanese activities these days~^^ Let’s listen to it together~ and cheer for them! Mr. Simple fighting☆

Credit&Trans: jujugal

[me2day] 110730 SHINee Key Me2day Update

[Key] 🙂

[Key] 한국돌아갈땐 써니호타고가기로 루피랑 합의봤으니 시간이조금걸릴수도있을것같습니다:-)
[Key] I’ve made an agreement w/ luffy to sail back to Korea on sunny but seem like it might take a little more time

Trans: justSHAWOLS
Credit: forevershiningshinee

[me2day] 110723 Key me2day update

[Key] 일본입니다!!! 캬캬 생존신고를 드디어 하게되네요~’-‘

[Key]在日本!!!咔咔 终于来汇报生存报告咯~’-‘

[Key] In Japan!!! Finally we are posting something~’-’
(P.S Key’s meaning is to tell everyone that they are safe and sound. And so everyone, do not worry^^)

Korean to Chinese Translation Credit: 【闪耀星球翻译】
Chinese to English Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee

Credit: forevershiningshinee

[me2day] Happy 18th Taemin

[태민] 여러분 덕분에 너무너무 즐거웠어요~사실 오랜만이라 그런지 처음엔 마니 어색하드라고요~ 그래도 이런날에 여러분을 만날수 있어 기쁘고 이런자리 마련해 주셔서 너무 너무 행복해요~ 샤이니월드사랑해~!!♥

[Taemin] I had lots of fun thanks to you~ It’s been a while, so I felt awkward in the beginning ~ But I was glad to see you on this kind of day and happy so so much for having this provided~ SHINee World I love you~!!♥

[Taemin] Yeoreoboon~! Thank you very much for celebrating my birthday~ A year has passed since my last birthday party with you. Time goes by so fast. Continue to support us. ^^

    Source: jujugal