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[Eng] Key’s Interview on ‘Ray’ Japanese Magazine

In this serial appearance we have KEY who is good at singing, dancing and rap! his hairstyle and fashion is very individualistic and it seems like he is studying Japanese very well!

Almighty Talent Owner; KEY Data:
1. Blood type : B
2. Like and Dislike foods : I don’t have particular but i really dislike carrot.
3. Favorite Animal : I like all animals except a dog and a cat.
4. Type of girls you like : Stylish and frank girls.
5. Normal fashion style : Everyday is different but i dislike common fashion style.
6. Your first love : I think my first love is when I was in elementary grade. I’m still a friend with her.

Q1. What is the reason for starting this career?
A: Ever since I was young my dream was to become a singer. when I took for an audition as a chance I was scouted and prepared for debut.

Q2. What is the reason why you have interest in music?
A: I love to dance and sing when I was young so I think I naturally like it. I don’t have particular genre to choose but to listen to different genres. I put effort into checking new music.

Q3. What is your character in SHINee?
A: SHINee’s source of energy (laughs). Since I was a student, I love my friends so I’m a cheerful person.

Q4. What do you do during holidays?
A: Practicing singing, exercising, the day ends when I spent on my hobbies (laughs). My hobby is to draw.

Q5. What are you into nowadays?
A: Japanese, Exercise, Practicing singing. I learn Japanese by watching dramas, animes and music variety shows

Q6. Please tell us your failure story!
A: During interview they speak kansai-ben ( Japanese dialect in Kansai region). The reason why is because I like and watch “doumoto kyoudai” (a popular Japanese variety show). In that program I thought they are talking kansai- ben as a standard japanese (laughs)

Q7. Your impression about Japanese girls?
A. Kawaii (Cute). When I look at our Japanese fans who supports us, I think a lot of them match and have individualistic styles.

Q8. What is your favorite Japanese?
A. umai (delicious). The sound is funny yet there is another 2 meaning to it ”おいしい” (delicious) and “上手” (good).

Q9. What do you want to do when you have 1 week holidays?
A. I will definitely want to travel! If i want to rest well I want anywhere, and also I want to eat delicious foods (laughs)

Q10. A type of a man you want to be after 10 years?
A. I want to be a smart and a wise man. I want to make good use of my personality and ought to keep a promise.

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