[TV] SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception in Nagoya @ 花咲かタイムズ – Subbed

Cut Cr to etcmusic03 | Eng trans and sub by jujugal based on Korean trans by 찹살도나스

[fanaccount] 110811 SHINee Debut Reception Nagoya (Jonghyun)

– Jonghyun was fanning Taemin with the uchiwa! So cute♥

– I bought the uchiwa (fan) after seeing Jonghyun use it~

– The MC and the interpreter got embarrassed because fans were shouting members’ names during the Q&A session. Jonghyun put a finger on his mouth and said “shhh~.” He made a gesture of putting his hand on his ear for asking fans to listen several time. Please, if you are a fan, listen to them quietly when they talk.

– (After watching the Abbey Road Studios video)
Jonghyun: “All the members made a perfect performance. Thanks, Minho-goon.”
Minho: “You don’t have to say that~”
MC: “Why did you pick out Minho-goon’s name?”
Minho: “Jonghyun-hyung must like me”
Jonghyun: “It’s just friendship ㅎㅅㅎ (firmly)” ㅋㅋ

– To a fan shouting ‘Jonghyun~’, he answered “Neh~” in Korean! I fainted ㅇㅇ

– Today Key-goon and Jonghyun-goon spoke in Japanese. The other members talked in Korean.

– The MC asked about Nagoya’s local food, and they listed hitsumabushi, tebasaki, tenmusu, misogatsu, etc. Jonghyun said, “Ah!! onimanju~ was delicious.” I got so excited to hear “onimanju” from Jonghyun, a Korean idol. That was the most memorable.
[*onimanju is a kind of ‘sweet potato cake.’]

– I sat close to a speaker. Jonghyun’s voice was so powerful it sounded torn on the speaker.

– (Talking about Jonghyun’s illness in London)
Minho: “Do you remember I wiped your sweat off?”
Jonghyun: “Eh? Were you there?” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Key: “Do you remember I told you (worried) not to get on the stage?”
Jonghyun: “Did you say so? I don’t remember~”
Key: “No, I didn’t ㅋㅋㅋ”

– For a Japanese word they learned recently, all of them said “Agepoyo~” It was so cute~
[*’Agepoyo’ is Gyaru Go (gal lingo-trendy words among fashionable young girls) meaning ‘tension is up!’ or ‘excited~’]

Source: twitter; Nabbayo
Eng Trans: jujugal

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